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 The Reverend Dr Desiree Snyman has transferred to a Dioscean position leading Youth ministry from 1st May 2017,

 Our Locum priest for the Intentional Interegnum from 1st May is Reverend Paul Cannon



The Reverend Helen Barnard

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9:30am  Preacher & Celebrant  Reverend Paul Cannon

Order of service:    2nd Order of Communion Page 119  1st Thanksgiving  Page 128         

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Welcome to St John's

The people of St John’s welcome you to join them in the worship of God through the traditional liturgy of the Anglican Church. At St. John's you will receive a warm welcome and openness that we hope reflects the love that God shows to each and every person through His Son, Jesus Christ. Our worship consists of Word and Sacrament. We preach from the Word of God, and the Sacrament is offered from the Lord's Table, where all who seek Him are welcome.

There are many aspects to a churches life, and this is so at St. John's. We encourage you to look around our site, as we are sure you will find different activities that you will enjoy joining in with. We want to be inclusive as the people of God, and so encourage you to bring your talents and needs to St John's.

St. John's is an historic church, with a rich history and tradition, but it is not a museum! It is a lively and vibrant place, seeking to be a light in the middle of the city. So, if you are passing through, or living in our lovely City of Albany, welcome to St. John's. We pray you find this site useful, and perhaps we'll see you some time. May God bless your journey.

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Sunday 28th May 2017  

Seventh Sunday after Easter                                                28 May 2017 ______________________________________________________

God’s Power is Love

Jesus came and people thought he was going to restore Israel in all its former glory, and they were disappointed when he didn’t. When he turned the loaves and fish into a banquet for thousands they wanted him as king, but Jesus refused their offer of political power. When the soldiers came to the garden to arrest Jesus, Peter drew his sword and cut of the High Priest’s servant’s ear. Jesus healed his ear and made Peter put his sword away and went with the soldiers knowing his fate. The disciples were disappointed. Even his detractors taunted him on the cross “let him save himself if he is the Son of God.” and he didn’t, so people turned away from him, disappointed. Where was the power of God?


Once when Jesus was teaching his disciples to pray, shortly before his arrest, he shows what his way is. It is the way of humility, love, compassion and service. It is not the way of worldly power. It is not the way of force and violence. It is not the way of wealth and comfort. Indeed, the way of Jesus is different. This was not to be a power of military force, but a power of God to enable repentance, love and compassion in the world. Jesus didn’t look to armies, he looked to people just like you and I. The message is that God is different and does things differently. The message is that God calls us to take his different way to the world. The message is, we might be ordinary people, but God is with us, just as Jesus prayed he would be. Love is the Way. You can’t manufacture love, the love of God is his Spirit working through us. That is real power, the power of God. Love is the power of the Spirit working through us.

Every blessing, Paul.


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