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Our Usual Sunday Services at St John's: 26 June 2016

8:00am  Eucharist - Celebrant  & Preacher Reverend Dr. Desiree Snyman

9.30am  Choral Eucharist - Celebrant  & Preacher Reverend Dr. Desiree Snyman 

Order of Service:  2nd. Order of Holy Communion on page 119 

Everyone is welcome to the Church Hall for tea or coffee after the Services.

(To review the readings set for this Sunday and the next please check below) 

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Readings and Hymns

This week at St Johns

Sixth Sunday After Pentecost                  26TH. June 2016                                  ________________________________________________________

The Old Testament reading invites a reflection on leadership. I quote Henri Nouwen, twice.

“It is a painful fact indeed to realize how poorly prepared most Christians leaders prove to be when they are invited to be spiritual leaders in true sense. Most of them are used to thinking in terms of large-scale organizations, getting people together in churches, schools and hospitals, and running the show as a circus director. They have become unfamiliar with, and sometimes even somewhat afraid of, the deep and significant movements of the spirit.” (Nouwen, Henri J. M. The Wounded Healer. New York: Image Books, 1972, p37-38.)


Henri Nouwen is also very forgiving of the faults of leaders: “Religious leaders, priests, ministers, rabbis, and imams can be admired and revered, but also hated and despised. We expect that our religious leaders will bring us closer to God through their prayers, teaching, and guidance. Therefore, we watch their behavior carefully and listen critically to their words. But precisely because we expect them, often without fully realising it, to be superhuman, we are easily disappointed or even feel betrayed when they prove to be just as human as we are. Thus, our unmitigated admiration quickly turns into unrestrained anger. Let’s try to love our religious leaders, forgive them their faults, and see them as brothers and sisters. Then we will enable them, in their brokenness, to lead us closer to the heart of God.”

 Notices on the Work of God through St John’s

Mission for the Month of June: Tear Australia/The Scattered People of the Good Shepherd. Donations from the first two weeks of June have been allocated to TEAR. Donations from the last two weeks of June will be allocated to SPOG.

Mission for the Month of July:  Mission to Seafarers.

Communion and healing service: Every Thursday at 9:00am.

Parish Contact Form: Have you filled in the new contact form? Help us to serve you better. Forms available at the back of the church.   Completed forms may be posted through the office door weekdays or placed in the available box on Sundays.

Rector’s Newsletter: Have you received the latest newsletter? Copies available in the foyer of the Church.

Pumpkin Luncheon: Hosted by the Guild on 20th July at 12 Noon in St. John’s Hall – Cost $15 – Guest Speaker Desiree Snyman – RSVP by 13th July. Contact Parish Office 9841 5015 or Betty Hewitt 9841 6523.

Mothers’ Union: The next Mothers’ Union Meeting will be the Pumpkin Luncheon on 20th July at 12 Noon.

Mothers’ Union Sunday: Will be held on 7th August at 9.30am.

All over the world: A quiet day hosted by the Mothers’ Union will take place on the 9th August at 9:3-0am-2:30pm at Gilcreek Scout Camp. Cost $ 15.00. 

Pastoral Care Meeting: Friday 1st July in the Dorothy Wood Hall at 10:30am.

Parish Council Meeting: Tuesday 5th July in the Dorothy Wood Hall at 5:00pm.

Ladies Guild Meeting: Will be held in the Dorothy Wood Hall on Wednesday 6th July at 1:00pm.

Parish Assistant’s Meeting: Tuesday 28th July 1:00-1:30pm.

OSL Service and Meeting: Service will be held in the Lady Chapel 1:30pm followed by Meeting in the Dorothy Wood Hall on Monday 11th July, 2016.

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast: Will be held on Tuesday 12th July at 7:30am.

Friends on Friday: Will meet in the Lady Chapel on Friday 15th July at 10:00am, followed by morning tea in the Dorothy Wood Hall

Next Film Group meeting is at John and Robyn Blake's on Friday 15 July at 6:30 pm. All welcome.