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During this Intentional
Interegnum the Parish
is seeking a resident parish priest.



Reverend Helen Barnard

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John Blake - 9844 4587

Mob. 0438 761 950

Peter Fitzgibbon - 9842 8226

Georgie Walker - 0428425293

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Colleen Brooks:   98415015 

Lower York Street, Albany WA 6330 

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Office email.

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Anglican Community Fund St. John’s Anglican Parish Albany

BSB 706 001 Account number:3000 3081

This goes to the same Albany Parish account as Church collections.

Our Services

Sunday15th July

8:00am & 9:30am
Eucharist Celebrant & Preacher Revd. Helen Barnard

Morning Tea served in the Parish Hall after both Services. All


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Next Sunday’s Reading Year ‘B’   

Old Testament:          2 Samuel 6:   1-5, 12b-19    Page 284              

 Psalm (APBA):           Psalm 24                               Page 244                                                     

Epistle:                      Ephesians 1:   1-14               Page 183    

Gospel:                      Mark 6: 14-29                        Page  38                                    






Readings and Hymns

Welcome to St John's

The people of St John’s welcome you to join them in the worship of God through the traditional liturgy of the Anglican Church. At St. John's you will receive a warm welcome and openness that we hope reflects the love that God shows to each and every person through His Son, Jesus Christ. Our worship consists of Word and Sacrament. We preach from the Word of God, and the Sacrament is offered from the Lord's Table, where all who seek Him are welcome.

There are many aspects to a churches life, and this is so at St. John's. We encourage you to look around our site, as we are sure you will find different activities that you will enjoy joining in with. We want to be inclusive as the people of God, and so encourage you to bring your talents and needs to St John's.

St. John's is an historic church, with a rich history and tradition, but it is not a museum! It is a lively and vibrant place, seeking to be a light in the middle of the city. So, if you are passing through, or living in our lovely City of Albany, welcome to St. John's. We pray you find this site useful, and perhaps we'll see you some time. May God bless your journey.

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Sunday 15th July 2018  

Eighth Sunday After Pentecost

Why does Mark tell this story?  Mark doesn’t say anything about Jesus’ birth or give a resurrection account but we get an extended section on Herod and John and intricate details of Herod’s marital situation and birthday party! 


Why?  Mark is writing for a people scared and persecuted.  Jerusalem had either just fallen, or was about to, and the people were frightened.  People were saying all kinds of things about Christians – things that were blatantly untrue – and horrific things were going on to people they knew and loved.


There is always the danger to think that if you’re on God’s Team then everything will be great. You’ll be healthy, wealthy, and wise.  God will heal every disease and conquer every foe.  Not if you’re John the Baptist!


We can be victim to the very worst, and sometimes even to the very worst in other people.  But, those fates aren’t what define us.  Even though we suffer and are cut down, we are still God’s.  God is here, has been here, and will continue to be here.  This is important: what sets us apart as people of faith is the Presence of God with us on the best of days and the worst of days.

Blessings, Rev Helen



THINKING before I speak!


         Is it true?                             

H         Is it helpful?                        

I           Is it inspiring?

        Is it necessary?

        Is it kind?