St John's
Anglican Church
Worshipping God and serving the People of Albany since 1848
At St. John's we rejoice in the marriage of two people. The church is a wonderful place to be married, and we are open to meeting your needs. We can also perform wedding ceremonies at other venues that might be more significant to you. It is your special day. If you would like to be married in St. John's, or by the Priest at an alternate venue, please send us the WEDDING APPLICATION FORM or contact the office on 98415015 so we can discuss your needs.
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Arrangements can be made for a Christian funeral service at St John's in the Anglican tradition. Please contact the office on 98415015
A Christian funeral proclaims the Christian hope in the face of death - Jesus Christ, whose resurrection is the promise of our own.
    The service outline is as follows:
    We gather in the presence of God,
    and remember the person who has died.
    We listen and respond to the word of God,
    and proclaim the death and resurrection of Christ.
    We give thanks for the life now ended,
    and pray for those in need.
    We leave the deceased in God's care,
    and we continue life's journey.
Baptism or Christening
The birth of a child is a very special occasion and we at St. John's thank God for the precious gift of new life. Many parents wish to acknowledge God's part in the creation of new life by bringing their child to the church for a Baptism or Christening Service.
Often, young adults and grown men and women want to be Baptised, as a public statement of their beliefs, perhaps as a result of choosing to follow the Christian way of life as an adult.
Whatever your situation, baptism at St. John's is a celebration of God's absolute love for you.
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For more details, or to simply talk about this further, please ring the office on 98415015.