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Priest’s Report to the Annual Meeting of Parishioners

22nd February 2015

“However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven”

Luke 10:20

In this reading from Luke, the the seventy two have returned to Jesus, having been sent out to every place Jesus was to go. They have come back amazed, saying ‘Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.’ Jesus is not surprised of course. He speaks of the power that has been bestowed upon them (‘Nothing will harm you’).

A further point to note from this reading is that Jesus makes it quite clear who has what responsibility. (Luke 10:5-12) It is the responsibility of the disciples to proclaim the kingdom of God, clearly and unequivocally. However, it is the responsibility of the hearer to respond to God’s call! Thus, if someone comes to me, and tells me about the kingdom of God, and shows me the love of God, they have fulfilled their obligation under God. It is my choice then, and rests on my head.

The chances that the disciples would meet with opposition or rejection were great. Jesus tells them how to handle that, because he knew it would occur! Some are not ready to hear, some have hardened their heart to the message, some are afraid of the message.

Of course, there are numerous ways of telling about the kingdom of God, and of showing God’s love. Some even involve words! But, there is no getting around it; every disciple of Jesus has this same task! What might differ is the how, but the task is the same.

So, what implications does this have for us at St. John’s, the disciples of Jesus in this place? Well, as I have stated earlier, if every disciple has the same task, then we are each one of us charged with telling others about the Kingdom of God, and sharing His love with them.

You know this, and have heard it many times over. What is important however, is not how many times we have been reminded of this, but what we do about it, and it is to that that I want to turn.

Do you dream? Do you dream about the future? What about the future of the church, and particularly about St. John’s? I do! I also think and pray about it.

In the almost four years that I have been here we have undertaken various training through Sunday sermons, Study Groups, and various practical changes to prepare ourselves for the work of being a disciple. We have made some alterations to our worship, and to our furnishing. We have undertaken the Bill Hybels Study ‘Just Walk Across the Room’, and the series of sermons on being an Inviting Church.

We have undertaken the Natural Church Development program, which has identified some of our weaker points, and we have sought to address these. We have tried holding services in different settings, with great times being held at Florescence and at Montgomery’s Winery.

All of this is preparation. Let me say at this point that I appreciate your faith and willingness to engage in these activities, and to ‘give things a go’, even if you don’t fully agree with them.

We are on a continuing journey, one in which God is seeking to lead us. You know, don’t you, that God has us all in His hands. Remember, Jesus said to the seventy two, ’Nothing will harm you’.

But let’s go back to the dreaming, or imagining. If you could picture the best possible outcome for St. John’s in five years time, what would it look like? Don’t let practicalities or obstacles get in the way of your thinking. Just dream a little bit. I suspect your vision and mine are quite similar.

We might imagine a full church; or a wide spread of age groups all mixed in together, children, youth, families, retired, and seniors; or vibrant and challenging worship and teaching. Your imagining might be centred on music, or the physical setting. Whatever you’re imagining, it is important to have a vision.

You see, if we expect, or seek nothing, that is what we will get! If we have no vision, or dream, in what direction do we go? This is not to side step God. We are not trying to make our own way, but seeking God’s direction by allowing him to show us and lead us. He gives us the dreams, imaginings and vision.

To this end I propose that we have a ‘dreaming day’. This is not a day that we all get together to sleep, but rather a parish day for sharing and discussing our dreams for the church of St. John’s. A day for seeking God’s guidance and direction. Not a day for being given all the answers, but rather a day in which we start to set the vision of where we want to be in five years time.

Today is Lent 1. Lent is an ideal time to undertake this process. We have forty days in which to pray and wait on God. We have forty days in which to set aside time to dream. We actually have 34 days left! 

I want you to set aside in your diaries now Saturday 28th March for our Dreaming Day. It will be from 10.00am - 3.00pm, and bring your lunch.

After Easter, and before Pentecost we will be working on the how.

The Parish council will also be required to have time away, to focus on the implementation of the vision. What cannot happen is that any of us say, ‘that’s someone else’s responsibility’!

So this year is one of dreaming and planning and implementing! How exciting!

Before finishing, I want to express my deep gratitude to all of you for continuing in the faith, for supporting me, and allowing me to travelling life’s journey with you.

There are many I could and should thank, and no doubt I will miss some, but....

Thank you to the outgoing Parish Council, the Synod Reps, and Wardens. They carry a heavy burden, doing so with grace.

Thank you to my fellow clergy, John, Max, Tina, Michael and Helen for your encouragement, wisdom and partnership in the gospel. All of you make a wonderful addition to the life of the church and the growth of the faith.

Thank you to the members of the various organisations & teams within the parish:

  • Mother’s Union
  • Ladies Guild
  • Op Shop (Anne & Pat)
  • Emergency Relief
  • Martha’s
  • Welcomers
  • Church Watch (Ian)
  • Gardeners
  • Maintenance (Mike)
  • Sanctuary Guild
  • Sunday School
  • Church Cleaners
  • Organists (Margaret, Roger & Jenny)
  • Choir
  • Readers
  • PA’s
  • Pastoral Care Team
  • Money counters
  • Cliff (candles)
  • Flower Ladies
  • Film Night
  • Men's Breakfast

I want to thank our Treasurer, Noel Davidson, for keeping our books and keeping us on the straight path financially.

Thank you to Colleen Brooks, the parish secretary, mission secretary, and general ‘go to person’. You are often placed under great stress by many of us, and the way that you take it all in your stride is an inspiration. You even put up with my many and various moods! Thank you for your faith, work and grace.

Thank you to my Priest’s Warden, Marie Ham, without whom I and the whole parish would be much the poorer. Marie, I appreciate and value your wisdom, support, and positivity greatly. You go well beyond the call of duty.

Finally, thank you to Judy for the love and support you give freely to me. All that you do allows me to do what I do, and is a wonderful gift.

God bless all of you, 2015 is another exciting year in God’s service. With Him all things are possible. Let us dream boldly!