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St John's Anglican Church
Lower York Street
Albany WA 6330

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Mon - Fri 9am - noon

Office: 9841 5015


 Our Locum priest for the Intentional Interegnum from 1st May is the Reverend Paul Cannon



Reverend Helen Barnard

The Assistant Priests' Email:




Belinda Ratnik - 0407 171 414

John Blake - 9844 4587

Mob. 0438 761 950

Peter Fitzgibbon - 9842 8226

The wardens' email is:



For administrative questions or queries

please speak to one of the wardens. 



Colleen Brooks:   98415015 

Lower York Street, Albany WA 6330 

Office Hours are Monday to Friday  9am to 12 noon 

Parish Office Email is:



Office email.

Our Services

 Sunday 22nd October: Services:

 Morning Tea served in the Parish Hall after both Services.

Order of service:    8.00 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. second order

Celebrant and preacher : Revd Paul Cannon

 This week the 9:30am service will be a special family service with a sausage sizzle in the Warden's Court afterwards. 

For services taking place during the week click the "This Week at St John's" Tab at the top of this page.                                                                        

Readings for Sunday services  22nd October 2017 and 29th October - see tabs on home page                                                                     


Readings and Hymns

Sunday 15th October 2017  

20th Sunday After Pentecost                           22nd October, 2017


Are You Dressed and Ready for the Party? 

The invites go out, the wedding banquet is ready, but no one comes! The invited guests are all too busy, too preoccupied, there’s something on the telly, oh wait, that movie on Netflix, a family day instead, cleaning or something. The king sends an army to destroy their city. Then the King invites anyone off the streets. But one turns up inappropriately dressed. Such a petty sin considering the rudeness of the guests who had refused to come. What on earth is Jesus on about?

Remember that it is a parable. It is a story about how Jesus is the bridegroom, God is the father king who has invited everyone to the banquet for Jesus. But Israel doesn’t turn up, they’re too busy with their lives to bother with the Son of God. God will send an army to destroy Jerusalem? Perhaps. This is indeed a reference to the Roman sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD. And when God invites the outsiders, the Gentiles, there will be shock, but also an understanding that this God is generous to all.

So, what about the guy who wasn’t dressed properly? It is a cryptic way of saying: you can’t come into kingdom community unless you are clothed in the way of the kingdom. The appropriate kingdom attire is to clothe oneself in a life of righteousness, which is better stated as a life of integrity, a life of grace, a life of compassion. Jesus is speaking about the heart, is our heart clothed with love for God and neighbour? Jesus calls us to clothe ourselves in a life transformed by his love. At its core, this parable also tells us that God doesn’t favour insiders over outsiders, because neither category exists, God sees all as equal, but desires that all are clothed in a life transformed. Are you dressed and ready for the party?

Every blessing,




THINKING before I speak!

         Is it true?                             

H         Is it helpful?                        

I           Is it inspiring?

        Is it necessary?

        Is it kind?

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