Our Location

St John's Anglican Church
Lower York Street
Albany WA 6330

Office Hours
Mon - Fri 9am - noon

Office: 9841 5015


During this Intentional
Interegnum the Parish
is seeking a resident parish priest.



Reverend Helen Barnard

The Assistant Priests' Email:





John Blake - 9844 4587

Mob. 0438 761 950

Peter Fitzgibbon - 9842 8226

Georgie Walker - 0428425293

The wardens'email :




For administrative questions or queries

please speak to one of the wardens. 



Rachel Matthews:   98415015 

Lower York Street, Albany WA 6330 

Office Hours are Monday to Friday  9am to 12 noon 

Parish Office Email is:



Office email.

The convenience of Direct Giving:

For parishioners to set up electronic giving the BSB details are:

Anglican Community Fund St. John’s Anglican Parish Albany

BSB 706 001 Account number:3000 3081

This goes to the same Albany Parish account as Church collections.

Our Services

8:00am and 9:30am Preacher and Celebrant Rev. Tina Morrison

Morning Tea served in the Parish Hall after both Services. All welcome


Next Sunday’s Readings

Third Sunday after Epiphany 27th January

Old Testament






Psalm 19


New Testament

1 Corinthians








Readings and Hymns

Office bearers - 2017


Rector’s Warden:

Belinda Ratnik  0428 190 831        

People’s Wardens:

John Blake   9844 4587       

Peter FitzGibbon 9842 8226                       

Synod Representatives:

Murray Montgomery

Betty Hewitt                


         Louise Boucher

         Ilonka du Toit

         Peter Hartley

         Charmaine Hickman

         Ellen Hickman

         Cherry O’Donnell

         Max Shearer

         Ted Williams


Parish Nominators:

Cherry O’Donnell

Robyn Blake: 98 444587


Mission Secretary: Colleen Brookes

Treasurer: Noel Davidson


Open weekdays       9:00am – 12:00pm

Sec. Colleen Brooks           9841 5015

Email:             stjohns1@iinet.net.au

WEB: www. anglicanchurchalbany.org.au      

Website contacts: John Blake, Sheena Prince, Charmaine Hickman, Belinda Ratnik

Sunday Services

8:00am   Communion with Hymns             9:30am Communion, Choir, Sunday School      

Weekday Services in the Lady Chapel

Holy Communion         Tuesday 12:30pm

Holy Communion         Thursday 9:00am

Service Support Roster

Charmaine Hickman           9844 3441

Readers, Prayers, Sides people & Servers

Welcomer’s Roster

To greet & care for visitors &

new parishioners:

Robyn Blake                         9844 4587

Welcomers’ coordinator 

Morning Tea Roster

2 people to setup and clean up morning tea

Marion FitzGibbon               9842 8226

     Order of St. Luke

     2nd Monday – an inter-denominational

     healing service at 1:30pm in the Lady    Chapel

     Joan Bartlett                           9841 6329

     Joan Austin                           9841 2125

Pastoral Care

A team visits the hospital & aged care facilities to show friendship, love & to give communion to those unable to come to church.                                     

Helen Barnard                       9842 8240

Friends on Friday

Communion                  Friday 10am

On the 3rd Friday of the month, house bound parishioners will be picked up and returned home after morning tea.

Margaret Stone                         9842 3726

Mission to Seafarers

Service held at centre

Communion                  Saturday 9:30am

Alan Taylor                            9841 1575


Director – Peter Ratnik       

Organist – Margaret Dickinson 9841 1974

Practice –           Thursday 4:30 – 6:00pm    

Sunday School

Co-ordinator –

Tina Morison  0408 901 722  

Mission to Seafarers

An outreach to sailors who visit our port.

Revd. Alan Taylor                9841 1575

Norm Stevens                      9844 8651

Emergency Food Relief

To provide food or vouchers in emergencies

Mondays 9:30am – 11:30am

Thursdays 10:00am – 12:00 noon         Parish Office                      9841 5015 

Op Shop

3 hour shifts of 2 people

Weekdays 10:00am – 4:00pm

Ann Robinson                      9844 1889

Christine Collins             0400 597 083 

Martha’s Soup Kitchen

Supporting the needy & lonely.

5 volunteers each Monday morning

Mondays 12:00 – 1:30pm

Anne Abraham                     9841 1809

Prison Ministry

A team visiting to discuss God’s Word

with Christians & those ‘seeking’.

2nd Sunday 1:15 – 2:30pm

Peter FitzGibbon                  9842 8226

Bible Studies

Studies & open discussion held in Parishioner’s homes during school terms

Newcomers very welcome

Mira Mar         Wed 7pm         9842 8226

Yakamia         Thur 1:30         9842 8240

Spencer Park  Thur 1:30 pm  9841 3137

Melville Street   Thur 2pm      98412512

Prayer Group  Tues.  4:15 – 4:45 pm  

Held in the Chapel to pray for the

workings of St John’s               9841 5015

Mother’s Union

Service & varied program

A worldwide Christian Assoc.

Concerned with strengthening marriages & Christian family life

3rd Wednesday 1:30pm

Colleen Brooks                    9841 7071

 Morning Tea Roster

2 people to clean up after morning tea

Marion FitzGibbon               9842 8226

 Name Badges

Marion FitzGibbon               9842 8226

Marilyn Aldridge                  9841 5030

 Offertory Envelopes

Available from church porch at times

A totally anonymous way of giving

 Sanctuary Guild

Cleaning / sweeping / vacuuming

Dusting / cobwebs etc.

Brass and silver polishing

Laundering of linen

Candle care

Co-ordinator: Margaret Stone 9842 3726

 Flower Arranging

Co-ordinator Colleen Brooks

Weekdays 9:00am – 12:00pm 9841 5015


Co-ordinator and leader for the gardening team

Joe Burdass                 9841 4795

 Building Maintenance

Peter FitzGibbon

Max Shearer

John Halliday

Mike Taylor

Church Watch

Two-hour shifts to provide some history, a Christian presence & prevent vandalism

10am –2pm

Ian Watson                                9841 8872 5280 

Our warmest welcome to you all!

Welcome to St. John’s Anglican Church.

We hope you find St. John’s a friendly and accepting place.  We’d love to get to know you better and for you to get to know us.

Parish Film Nights

Held in parishioner’s homes, sharing pizzas & a glass of red, viewing a film that allows Christian discussion & supper.

3rd Friday each month 6:30pm

Blake’s                                   9844 4587

Taylor’s                                  9844 8501

Arnolds                                  9841 3568

Fellowship & Fundraising Committee

Concerts, dinners, musical evenings, car rallies, quiz nights & much


Murray Arnold - Chair                 9841 3568



All positions are voluntary, with the exception of clergy, Op Shop Manager and Parish Administrator. 

If any of the above activities appeal to you, please ring the corresponding number for further information.

We welcome more helpers in all areas. 

Parish Nominators:

Cherry O’Donnell

Robyn Blake: 98 444587

Mission Secretary: Colleen Brookes

Treasurer: Noel Davidson

Synod Reps – Betty Hewitt, Murray Montgomery

Parish Secretary - Colleen Brooks

Mission Secretary – Colleen Brooks

Treasurer - Noel Davidson

Men's Breakfast - Mr Owen Coppen & Mr Mike Taylor

Webmasters - Mr John Blake, Mrs Sheena Prince & Mrs Belinda Ratnik

Pastoral Care - Rev'd Helen Barnard 

Musical Director (Choir Master) - Dr Peter Ratnik

Associate Choir Master: Mrs Sheena Prince